It is our pleasure to present the work that has been done for the promotion of the Paths of Aegina together with the cultural history of the area they go through. For many years, the Association of Active Citizens of Aegina and The Climb have been organizing hikes in the beautiful mountains of the island and at the same time taking care of the trails. In 2016 our work was included in the Hellenic Society for Environment and Culture’s nationwide program entitled PATHS OF CULTURE (monopatiapolitismou.gr), which was already operational in other mountainous areas of Greece. This collaboration resulted in greater recognition of the cultural and geographical importance of Aegina, and promoted the island’s wealth of mountainous regions.

Aegina is an island with a rich history, from the mythical times of Aiakos to the more contemporary ones of Kapodistrias, the first ruler of modern Greece. Its mountainous hinterland combines the softness of the Attic light and the unrestricted view to the sea with cultural monuments of all ages.